Three Steps to Liberation

To undo the toxic effects of suppressing feeling, Feelingwork turns our attention directly into the distress. The pure purpose of feeling is to be felt, and we honor that purpose. Through our support, the feeling mind untangles itself and releases back into its natural functioning.

Step 1: Embrace what is.

We turn attention toward areas of discomfort, identifying distinct feeling states. Then we map those states explicitly, translating each into the language of virtual materiality.

Step 2: Invite what wants to be.

We engage each mapped state, inviting the material qualities to shift toward what feels better. We follow the inner compass to reawaken each part’s ideal state.

Step 3: Embody what’s present.

Finally we weave connections among the new, ideal states. In our lives, we embrace all of what we feel and find ourselves guided more powerfully toward our highest good.

These three steps find powerful application outside of Feelingwork as well. Even without explicitly mapping feeling states, simply holding the frame of embracing what is can open up an attitude of optimism and possibility that was previously inaccessible. Opening the frame of inviting what wants to be can reveal creative new solutions and pathways that were previously invisible. Entering the frame of embodying what’s present can catalyze personal and collective power toward following through on ideas emerging from the first two shifts.

Try this out with something that’s been bugging you lately, and reach out to let me know how it goes.

Want to participate in conversations about the feeling mind? Over the coming year (2019), depending on interest, I’ll be I’ll be hosting live, group calls where we can go much deeper into the material and practice the skills. If you think you might be interested, please reach out to me.