Blog: Simple reports on what’s going on with the site, with Feelingwork offerings, and with me.

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Pushing Pause, Going to Edinburgh

Spring has been attending and presenting at the Climate Change and Consciousness conference in Findhorn, Scotland. I’ll be meeting her in Edinburgh to spend a few days revisiting the starting point for my journey of discovery.
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Announcing The Resonance Code, a book by Spring Cheng

I'm taking a brief pause in the Vicious Enforcer series today to announce the publication of a book by Resonance Path Institute. Author Spring Cheng and her coauthors Joseph Friedman and myself are proud to present The Resonance Code: Empowering Leaders to Evolve Toward Wholeness, Volume 1: Maps.
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Mystery and Images

Reflecting today on the process of finding and adapting the images for my articles, I realized there’s something about the entire way I’m going about it that speaks to the essential nature of Feelingwork mapping.
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A Look Ahead at What’s Coming

Over the past few weeks I’ve been mostly curating existing content. At the same time, I am eager to move into the next phases of building out the site. I see three development phases to come.
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An Evolving Vision

Feeling is intimately integrated throughout all of human experience, and there is no getting around touching on all human experience when attempting to move forward in our understanding and agency around feeling.
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Over a Million Words

Yesterday I finished gathering past writing from the darker corners of my hard drive going back to the mid-’90s, sorting through it and selecting those items which have promise in crafting current articles or portraying the journey. The total amount of material runs well over a million words. How did this happen?
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Offering Myself Open

Today I feel utterly exposed and vulnerable. I switched the website to allow search engines in and explicitly told Google that I’m here. In essence, I said to the world, “Here I am.”
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